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Books for Rewiring Your Brain – Buy Now!

Resources -- books on how to rewire the brain

Resources — books on how to rewire the brain

Rewiring the Brain is a life-long process. Building new connections among the neurons, growing and maturing new brain cells and creating a better life for yourself has to be the first priority. Most of the helpful information comes from books written by experts. Research has found that we retain information from printed books and articles better than what we read online. In fact online consumption of information gets easily over written.

Below are some books that you can buy and create a library of resources to help you enrich your life by rewiring your brain. They are in three main categories that you can access with the drop-down menu on the right:

  • Brain Growth — will help with new connections and learning new skills.
  • Soul Growth — will help with character-building and enhancing your life at a deeper level.
  • Diet and Exercise — will help with growing and maintaining a healthy brain.